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The Intersection of Coffee Culture and Fragrance Culture

Coffee is associated with luxury, intellect, and leisure. Its aroma is distinctive, familiar, and comforting, but also bold and sophisticated. So, it’s no surprise that the scent of coffee is popular in fragrance. While explaining the history of coffee culture, which can be divided into three “waves.” I’ll also suggest some coffee-centric fragrances that could represent each stage of perfume culture development.

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Ariana Grande Cloud Fragrance Review (and comparison to Baccarat Rouge 540)

I don’t always get excited about celebrity fragrances, but for some reason this one caught my attention early. Some of the first press releases speculated that it would smell like marshmallows, and later it was rumored to smell like whipped cream. Yum! Plus, the bottle is adorable. I’m a little bit old to be the target demographic for this fragrance, but I’ve expanded my horizons to include gourmand fragrances, and the deeper I go down the gourmand rabbit-hole, the more I can tolerate, and even enjoy, sweet scents.

I try not to pay attention to early reviews and opinions when I’m considering writing about something, but it was impossible to escape the controversy that emerged about Cloud — with people swearing that it smells “exactly like” Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Baccarat Rouge 540. This was actually a bit of a disappointment for me, because that’s not a fragrance that smells like marshmallows or whipped cream, and I’m not particularly fond of it. But, I decided to check out both head-to-head, and I didn’t read or listen to any of the “formal” reviews that support or deny this claim. I wanted to evaluate it for myself first.